Domestic Fencing Suppliers in Manchester, Lancashire

Enjoy better boundaries for your home. Ring Birchfield Fence Products in Manchester, Lancashire, for quality fencing manufacturers and installers.

Right Fences, Right Prices

Come to us for a reliable source of quality fencing. Birchfield Fence Products offer our extensive range of products for homeowners as well as trade customers. Our goods are ideal for DIY or when you have contractors coming in to work on your home.

We are happy to deliver at your request, but you are also welcome to come to us and collect also if you prefer. Birchfield Fence Products are proud to offer good quality products for the right prices, from our fencing down to our galvanised nails. Get in touch now for a quotation.


Unique Designs Available

Ask us about ordering a bespoke product. Our manufacturing specialists are more than happy to create a unique fencing product to your exact specifications. Call today for more info.

Huge Choice on Offer

Enjoy a better choice of fencing with us. The goods that Birchfield Fence Products supply include:

Concrete posts and panels: We supply postcrete for the posts, which is a quick setting concrete product.
Heavy duty timber panels: Our panels are available on a made-to-measure basis, and made from softwoods such as spruce or fir.
Tongued-and-grooved panelling: Ideal for gates, these are mainly made from hardwood such as redwood.
Trellising: These fences can double as a framework for climbing plants.
Gates: We supply matching gates for any of our fencing products.

Sizes on Offer

Get in touch with Birchfield Fence Products for more details on dimensions. Generally our fence panels start from 2ft x6ft wide, and are available up to 6ftx6ft wide. Ask our suppliers about what’s on offer.

Treatment of the Panels

Demand a quality fencing product that is long lasting. All panels are dipped in a tank of preservative. We also offer pressure-treated panels, where the treatment is basically injected into the timber under high pressure. This gives your timber a much longer lifespan.
Contact Birchfield Fence Products for domestic fencing suppliers who deliver the right goods at the right price.